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Home > Car Camcorder > > GPS HD 1080P VCR Car Camcorder Sport Driving Camera

GPS HD 1080P VCR Car Camcorder Sport Driving Camera

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GPS HD 1080P VCR Car Camcorder Sport Driving Camera

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Product Details

Besides the common functions which the Tachograph has, it has three more main characteristics:
1. External connected CVBS lens, which makes it able to shoot both of the front and back images at the same time, and provide the round conditions behind the vehicle when you backing your vehicle, which provides you with a direct information behind your vehicle.
2.  GPS module has been added to it, which can record the driving/travel track completely. The driving/travel track can be showed on the map by connecting Google map through Internet while you can watch the video on the computer by using the special accompanying software, which can help you to track the driving/travel track of the vehicle.
3.  It has been equipped with internal G-Sensor i.e. Gravity sensor, which may record the gravity sensing information and which may judge according to the up and down deviation, left and right deviation and front and back deviation of the vehicle, when the deviation approaches a certain value, it will consider that abnormality occurred to the vehicle and it will automatically give lock protection to the current video. At the same time of viewing/watching the video on the computer by using the special accompanying software, you also can watch the changes of the gravity sensing data which may help you to track the gravity status during the travelling course.
4.  Continuous real time video without even one second of missed video, which makes your evidence being more reliable.
5.  Special encryption protection function protects your personal privacy.

Product Characteristics:

*  Ultra-small size, dual lens front and back of vehicle with high definition, the front lens can rotate frontwards and backwards for 180 degree. The back lens can be place inside vehicle and at the license plate, which facilitates the video shooting from multi-angles in various occasions to get a video with high resolution.
*  1/4 inch internal photosensitive elements with low noise and high picture quality, which can capture ultra -clear pictures in relatively dark occasion
*  External connected one rearview lens which noise is low and photosensitivity is high, which enables that the situation in front and at the back of vehicle can be recorded at the same time of that video shooting is carried out by using front lens.
*  LCD screen can be rotated for 270 degree, and the image can be adjusted automatically, which allows you to view video at any angle.
*  Internal lithium polymer battery, which enables video shooting being carried out while it is being charged.
*  Internal microphone / speaker
*  Support SDcard with high capacity 
*  Turn it on and start video shooting function automatically as the vehicle starts
*  Delay starting function, which can prevent it from damage caused by pulse current occurred at the moment of vehicle starting.
*  GPS scanning and positioning, travelling track restoring, which makes everything is under control.
*  Gravity Sensor
*  Video encryption protects user's privacy by setting password.
*  Internal highlight LED, used for light supplement and ligtening.


LCD Screen Size 2.5" High definition screen£¬360 degree turning£¨270 degree in positive direction, 90 degree in reverse direction£©
Lens 110 degree front super-periscopic lens + water proof rear lens
Language Options English/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Japanese/ Korean /Russian/German
Video Format AVI
TF Memory Card Slot SD
Microphone / Speaker Internal
Vehicle Power DC Input 5V 1A
Battery Internal lithium polymer battery
System Requirements Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7,MAC OS x 10.3.6 over

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