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Outdoor Intelligent Middle Speed Dome Camera

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Outdoor Intelligent Middle Speed Dome Camera

-- sales from skycneye.com

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Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)

Usually Ships in 3-5 days

Important Notice!
Item will be drop shipped directly from the
manufacturer/distortion-cancelable and
non-returnable.Usually ships in 3-5 days

Product Details

Key Features:
 * Double layer of Die-cast Aluminum sell install easily and quickly, can dissipate heat more sufficiently. Black inner shell makes sharper monitor 
 * Be compatible with common cassette mechanism of camera, like SONY, HITACHI, LG and other famous brands with high resolution
 * Running smoothly with low speed, subwoofer noise and no image dithering
 * 64 preset positions.
 * 1 Patrol tracking routs and 1 auto level scan routs.
 * Variable rotation(pan 0 °ę 80º/s ;tilt 0 °ę 40º/s); Auto level scan
 * Continuous 360 º rotations in Omni-directions with no fade zone; Rotation speed can be adjusted by tilting angle of the joystick
 * Auto flips with vertical 180 º in Omni-directions, no fade zone.
 * RS485 integrated various of protocols, PELCO-D,PELCO-P etc
 * 3 class lightning defend, built in 3000V lightning proof, surge resistant
 * IP 66 outer cover with all day protection; Built-in auto thermostatic control system


Electrical specifications

Power Input AC24V/2A (no identity "+"or "-")
Power Consumption 36W
Decoder Built-in
Electric machine Excellent stepping motor
Preset Position 64 presets
Left&Right Rotation Range 360°„Continuous Rotation
Left&Right Speed 0.1°„£≠80°„/S
Up&Down Rotation Range 90°„Vertical, 180°„Auto flip
Up&Down Speed 0.1°„£≠40°„/S
Control Method RS485
Protocol Pelco-P/D etc
Baud rate 2400bps/4800bps/9600bps/19200bps
Working environment:
Working Temperature Indoor:0ºC ~ 50ºC,Outdoor:-40ºC ~60ºC
Level of Protection IP66 Shell, Lightning Proof, Surge Resistant
Packing Dimension(mm) L355mm*W330mm*H410mm
Weight (kg) Wall Mount: 5.75kg Lifting Mount: 5.9 kg

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