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Home > Panasonic Camera > > Panasonic WV-CP480 1/3 CCD Color Static Surveillance Camera

Panasonic WV-CP480 1/3 CCD Color Static Surveillance Camera

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Panasonic WV-CP480 1/3 CCD Color Static Surveillance Camera

540 Lines Color,570 Lines B&W, 0.5 Lux Color, 0.6 Lux B&W, Image Stabilizer, 120 VAC-- sales from skycneye.com

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Product Details

Panasonic WV-CP480 1/3" Super Dynamic III Colour Surveillance Camera

*  Built-in Super Dynamic III Function
*  High Definition - 540 and 570 line resolution
*  Equipped with Auto Back Focus (ABF) adjustment
*  Auto Image Stabilizer Function
*  Scene change Detection Alarm
*  Digital Motion Detector

Panasonic introduces the WV-CP480 Super Dynamic III camera, equipped with Auto Back Focus (ABF). When these cameras switch from colour to B/W mode, the Cameras automatically make micron-order adjustments in CCD position to achieve precise back focus. The new Auto Back Focus (ABF) technology ensures delivery of clear, sharp, perfectly focused images 24-hours a day automatically.

The Pixel Based 160x Dynamic Range Correction adjusts automatically to moment-to-moment changes in contrast making it possible to view subjects accurately in all areas and positions, thanks to area free natural contrast image correction.

Horizontal resolution of 540 lines (typical) in colour mode, and 570 lines B/W mode, a dramatic improvement in colour reproduction. With the optional F1.2 lens, clear images can be captured in lighting as low as 0.5 lux for colour or 0.06 lux for B/W.

Adaptive Digital Noise Reduction eliminates streaking in darker images.

Additional intelligent features include Auto Image Stabilizer to eliminate blurring and Scene Change Detection to warn of attempts to interfere with cameras.

The Panasonic WV-CP480 is ideal for a wide range of applications, offering 24-hour surveillance with imaging that delivers unprecedented, true-to-life realism.

*  Type: Super Dynamic III Colour Surveillance Camera
*  Pick-up Device: 1/3-type interline transfer CCD

Effective Pixels
*  Horizontal: 752.0
*  Vertical: 582.0

Scanning Area [mm]
*  Horizontal: 4.8
*  Vertical: 3.6
*  Signal: PAL
*  Synchronization: Internal (INT), Multiplexed Vertical Drive (VD2), Line-Lock (LL), VBS/VS
*  Scanning Mode: 2:1 interlace

Scanning Frequency
*  Horizontal [KHz]: 15.625
*  Vertical [Hz]: 50.0

*  Horizontal: 540 TV lines (Colour Typical), 480 TV lines (Colour NORMAL mode), 520 TV lines minimum (Colour HIGH mode), 570 TV lines minimum (B/W)
*  Dynamic Range: 160x
*  Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 50 dB minimum (AGC: OFF)
*  Minimum Illumination (Colour): 0.5 lux
*  Minimum Illumination (B/W): 0.06 lux
*  Weather Protection: -
*  Power Consumption: WV-CP480, 4.6W / WV-CP484, 4.7W, 420 mA
*  Power Source: WV-CP480, 220-240 V AC 50 Hz / WV-CP484, 24 V AC 50 Hz, 12 V DC

Ambient Operating Temperature [ C]
*  Minimum: -10.0
*  Maximum: 50.0

Ambient Operating Humidity [%]
*  Minimum: 0.0
*  Maximum: 90.0

Dimensions [mm]
*  Width x Height x Depth: WV-CP480, 70 x 65 x 129 mm / WV-CP484, 67 x 65 x 100 mm
*  Weight: WV-CP480, 0.52 kg / WV-CP484, 0.40 kg

Main Functions
*  Controller Interface: Single wire
*  Auto Gain Control (AGC): ON (LOW), ON (MID), ON (HIGH), OFF
*  Zoom Speed: -
*  Focus Speed: -
*  Iris / Light Control: ALC/ELC
*  Shutter: OFF (1/50), AUTO, 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1,000, 1/2,000, 1/4,000, 1/10,000 s
*  Motion Detector: OFF/MODE1/MODE2
*  Auto Focus: Auto Back Focus, MANUAL, AUTO/PRESET/FIX
*  Back Light Compensation (BLC): -
*  Sensitivity Enhancement: 32x max. (AUTO or FIX)
*  White Balance: ATW1, ATW2, AWC
*  Camera Title: 16 alphanumeric characters
*  *  Privacy Zone: ON1/ON2/OFF
*  Image Stabilizer: ON/OFF
*  Adaptive Black Stretch: -
*  Detail / Aperture Level: -
*  Colour/Mono Switching: AUTO1/AUTO2/EXT/ON/OFF
*  Mirror: ON/OFF
*  Language Setting: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese
*  Type: CS-mount
*  Zoom Ratio: -
*  Iris Range / Aperture Ratio: -

Angular Field of View
*  Horizontal: -
*  Vertical: -
*  Maximum Aperture Ratio: -

*  Video Output: 1.0 V [p-p] PAL composite 75 (BNC plug)
*  External I/O Terminals: Alarm output, Day-Night input
*  Alarm Output: -

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