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Network Security DVR 8 Channel H.264 Compression Real time monitoring

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Network Security DVR 8 Channel H.264 Compression Real time monitoring

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Product Details


1. Real time monitoring
2. with analog output interface and VGA interface, can monitor or display monitor function
3. One BNC / one VGA HD simultaneous real-time monitoring
4. Real time preview interface, local amplification function, can select any region of partial enlarged picture
5. Storage function
   Hard work, management using a working disc dormancy process, good heat and reduce power consumption, extend the life of the hard disk
6. Stored data, using special format, can not tamper with data, to ensure data security
7. Compressed mode
   each video signal by independent hardware real time compression, voice and image to maintain the stability of synchronization
8. Backup function
   Through the SATA interface, USB interface ( such as ordinary U disk and mobile hard disk backup )
9. Real-time burn, burner burn a backup
10.The client computer can, through the network to download the file on the hard disk backup
11.Video playback
   Every road, not only can realize the independent full real-time video, can also achieve the retrieval, inverted, network monitoring, video search, Download.
A variety of playback mode, at the same time, multi-channel playback, arbitrary combination.
   Picture, can choose any region of local amplification
12.Network operation function
   Through the network ( including mobile phone ) for remote real-time monitoring
   Remote PTZ control
   Remote video query and real-time playback
   Client equipment parameter configuration
   Client, real-time recording and playback
13.Alarm function
   Alarm recording, patrol, screen, buzzer, capture, send Email, FTP upload
   With multiple relay switch, alarm output, convenient realization of alarm and site lighting control
   Alarm input and an output interface, all with protection circuit, ensure that the equipment is not damaged
14.Communication interface
   With RS485 achieve, interface, alarm input, PTZ control, keyboard control
   Have RS232 interface, can be extended keyboard connection control, as well as with the computer serial port connection for system maintenance and upgrades, as well as the matrix control with standard Ethernet interface, realizing remote network access function
15.Intelligent operation
   mouse operation function
   Keyboard function
   Menu for the same settings can be quickly copy and paste operationsŁ»
   Other function
   Provide two 12V voltage output
   Timer switch machine

Technology parameters:

ˇˇ Type HX-5008A
System Main processor High performance embedded microprocessor
Operation system Embedded LINUX operation system
System resource synchronous multi-channel recording, synchronous multi-channel sub-code stream, synchronous multi-channel playback, synchronous network operation
Interface Operation interface 16 bit true color graphical menu interface, mouse operation supportive
display 1/4/8/9 image display
Video Video standard PAL 625line,50 f/s;NTSC 525 line,60 f/s
Surveillance image quality PAL, D1(704x576);NTSC, D1(704x480)
Playback image quality PAL,D1(704ˇÁ576);NTSC, D1(704*480)
Video compression H.264 mp
Video control 6 options
Recording speed 200/240fps(CIF),
50/60fps D1
Motion detect 396(22ˇÁ18) detection areas, multiple sensitivity
Audio Audio compression G711A
Bidrectional Talk Support
Recordˇˇˇˇ Recording mode manual >alarm>motion detect>timing
Playback Any channels playback, multiple channels playback
Playback Search mode Time searching, calendar searching, affair searching, channel searching, information searching
Storage And backup Space Occupation Audio: 28.8MB/H Video:25ˇ«450MB/H
Recording storage Hard disk, network
Backup mode Network, USB flash,USB movable HDD,USB DVD-RW
Port Video input 8 BNC
Video output 1 BNC, 1 VGA
Audio input 1RCA
Audio output 1 RCA
Alarm input No
Alarm output 1channel
Network port RJ45 10M/100M
PTZ control port 1 RS485
USB port 2* USB2.0 ports
Hard disk port 1 SATA port
Other Power supply 12V/4A external power supply
Power consumption <15W (without hard disk)
Working temperature 0ˇć~+55ˇć
Working humidity 10%Ł­90%
Air pressure 86kpaŁ­106kpa
Size 310(width)x215(depth)x45(height)mm
Weight 3kg(without hard disk)
Installation Desktop

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