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Home > Sony Industrial Camera > > Sony XCG-H280E Digital Interface GigE Vision CCD Camera

Sony XCG-H280E Digital Interface GigE Vision CCD Camera

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Sony XCG-H280E Digital Interface GigE Vision CCD Camera

The new XCG-H280E (monochrome) incorporates a 2/3-type EXview HAD CCD II™ sensor which provides high sensitivity with a full-HD high frame rate image-transfer capability with 8-, 10-, or 12-bit video data output.-- sales from skycneye.com

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Product Details

Sony XCG-H280E CCD Camera:

Sony is expanding its popular XCG GigE camera series with the introduction of a new high-quality, high-sensitivity monochrome camera. The new XCG-H280E incorporates a 2/3-type EXview HAD II™ CCD sensor which provides greater sensitivity in the visible and near-infrared wavelengths than previous models. In addition to inheriting some of the unique features of Sonys XCD Series such as Bulk Trigger and Sequential Trigger modes, the XCG-H280E features a full-HD high frame rate image-transfer capability with 8-, 10-, or 12-bit video data output.
The XCG-H280E incorporates the GigE Vision? interface standard based on Gigabit Ethernet technology. In response to the growing demand for large-scale systems, this interface enables the camera to transfer a large amount of data over long distances. The use of an Ethernet cable and the availability of a wide variety of peripheral devices contribute to significant cost-cutting benefits when designing a complete vision system.
By utilizing the features and benefits of the GigE Vision interface, the XCG-H280E camera is ideally suited to the demanding requirements of ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) and machine-vision applications.

Sony XCG-H280E Camera FEATURES:

*  2/3-type Progressive Scan EXview HADII CCD
*  GigE Vision Ver 1.2 compliant Interface
*  32 fps Full-HD (1920 x 1080) frame rate
*  Variety of trigger modes
*  Power on LED settings
*  Sony Image Filter Dedicated Driver
*  XML File (GeniCam Compliance)
*  Bulk Trigger Mode and Sequential Trigger Mode
*  High Shock and Vibration Resistance
*  Connectors: RJ-45 (locking - 20mm pitch), Power/Gnd connector, I/O connector block (trigger-in (2), GPI (2), GPO (2), GND)
*  Compact & LIghtweight: 50 x 50 x 57.5 mm/200g

Sony XCG-H280E Camera Technical :

*  Image sensor: 2/3-type progressive scan IT CCD
*  Standard output pixels: 1.820H x 1.060V
*  Standard frame rate: 32fps
*  Cell size (H x V): 4.54 x 4.54 m
*  Minimum illumination: 0.5 lx (F1.4, +18 dB, Shutter: OFF)
*  Sensitivity: 400 lx at F8 (0 dB)
*  Gain: Auto, Manual : 0 dB to +18 dB
*  Shutter speed: 2 sec to 1/100,000 sec
*  Video output resolution depth: 8, 10, 12-bit digital
*  Readout modes: Normal, Binning, Partial Scan
*  Readout features: Gamma (variable), Built-in test pattern
*  Synchronization: Hardware trigger / Software trigger
*  Trigger modes: Trigger start, Trigger start and and exposure duration, Bulk and Sequential trigger mode
*  Memory channel: 16 channels for parameter settings
*  User memory: 64 Byte x 16 ch
*  Video data output: Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T) 8, 10, 12-bit
*  Digital I/Os: TTL IN (2x), TTL OUT (2x)
*  Lens: mount C mount
*  Power requirements: DC +12 V (+10.5 V to +15.0 V)
*  Power consumption: 5.3 W
*  Operating temperature: 14F to 122F (-10C to +50C)
*  Storage temperature: -22F to +140F (-30C to +60C)
*  Operating humidity: 20% to 80% (no condensation)
*  Storage humidity: 20% to 95% (no condensation)
*  Vibration resistance: 70 G
*  Dimensions (W x H x D): 2 x 2 x 2 3/8 inches (50 x 50 x 57.5 mm) (Not including protruding parts)
*  Weight: 7.0 oz (200 g)


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